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~~ Faye Hodgkins ~~

Faye Hodgkins is home-town grown. Schooled at Ella Lewis School in Steuben and at Sumner Memorial High School, she never settled too far away. Though having traveled to distant shores, the Atlantic coast of Maine is her home.

Sewing began for her in her teen years on an old treadle Singer sewing machine. At that time, Home Economics was a real class in High School and sewing was part of the course, although not one she relished.

After years away from the craft, Faye returned to sewing in 1998 when she took a quilting course at Sumner’s Adult Ed with Grace Gerrish. The quilt made in that class still graces her bed and is a reminder of humble beginnings. With nearly 300 quilts under her machine since then, Faye is a prolific quilt maker.

After 20 years of piecing quilts and quilting them on her domestic sewing machine, Faye is now a professional long arm quilter. She has been quilting for clients since 2012, some as far away as Texas with one quilt sent to Australia. In addition, Faye teaches sewing and quilting. A Quilting 201 course is offered at Narraguagus High School in both the autumn and spring. The quilting studio she opened in 2015 at her home on Route One provides an opportunity for classes on Saturdays as well as a view of the many quilts she has available for sale.
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